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Hot Tub Holidays in the UK

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Experience a holiday with a difference that you will remember for a long time. Enjoy hot tub holidays in the UK where you can spend your days in total relaxation and mental peace. More and more people are choosing to go on a hot tub holiday to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, comfort, and the great outdoors. You can choose from various locations around the country, where you can experience a holiday stay with a hot tub.

You can go for a luxurious hot tub holiday or opt for a cheaper one. Newly married couples will surely have a romantic experience when going to places of tranquility and appreciate a serene atmosphere with a hot tub. Hot tubs are generally situated outdoors. Take time for a delightful swim inside the hot tub and take in the charming views of the surrounding natural landscape. Your hot tub holiday will be a memorable experience.

Cheap Hot Tub Holidays:

You will find cheap lodges and log cabins at the Longnor Wood, in the Peak National Park, provide hot tubs along with a decent accommodation with one room and kitchen. You will also find some beautiful cottages that have an open plan accommodation together with an outdoor hot tub. Lodges at affordable rates are also available at the coastal park of Swanage and the Woodlands Park. Both have hot tubs suited for couples and families on a holiday break. Hot tub hotels offer discounted rates beside the Tallington Lakes or the Derwent water lakes. These hotels have both vacuum-formed and rotational-mold hot tubs. Great food, good wine, and a splash in the hot tub are all that you will need during your hot tub holiday.

Luxurious Hot Tub Holidays:

For spending the hot tub holiday in style and luxury, make a trip to one of the best holiday houses with a hot tub in any county in the UK. You will be entertained in hot tubs that have Jacuzzis. Feel like royalty at the spacious suites, which are furnished to the utmost luxury.

Hot tub holiday cottages are also available. With all the amenities of home along with a hot tub. You can relax like you at the spa by having hot tubs specially treated with chemicals that are good for the body. Here, you will find exclusively furnished bedrooms, traditional wooden floors, elegant furnishing, and a complete kitchen, which will all make your hot tub holiday extra special.

Romantic Breaks with Hot Tubs:

An ideal place for newlywed couples to spend a romantic break hot tub holiday would be at a log cabin or log house either beside the lakes or inside a forest. With the natural beauty of the surroundings and an atmosphere of total tranquility, you will find the addition of hot tubs will create more of a perfect romantic ambience that you have been looking for. You will have the option of choosing from the various types of accommodation at these log houses and log cabins depending on your budget.

Check out hot tub holidays in the rural areas of Scotland and Wales, or the lakes and forests in England, which are worth enjoying.

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Log Cabins with Hot Tubs

Spend Relaxing Holidays in Log Cabins with Hot Tubs in the UK

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Vacations in the UK have always been special for a variety of reasons. The most important reason for many has been the beautiful and iconic landscape. A lot of people try to take a break from their hectic metro life and opt for a log cabin holiday to get away from it all. Such breaks are becoming increasingly popular in the British Isles. Many holidaymakers go for a soothing holiday staying in log cabins with hot tubs. Such sites are normally located in beautiful forest locations overlooking lakes and offer superb natural views to traveling families.

Spend a holiday in a log cabin and feel the difference.

If you are opting for a change, then relaxing outdoors in a hot tub is bound to surprise you. Log cabins with hot tubs are perfect for escaping from the fast-paced modern-day lifestyle. Finding a way to relax will undoubtedly help to take away everyday pressures that rest on a person’s shoulders. Those of us that are romantics will find these breaks like a paradise because you can sleep as nature intended, with the world on your doorstep. You can further enjoy nature by having a relaxing bath in the hot tub. For some of you who are reading about log cabins with hot tubs for the first time and wondering why they are so special, let me tell you that these buildings are made of wood, and are situated in the middle of a beautiful location, and compared to other outdoor venues, these cabins have five star facilities. The moment you step in, you will fall in love.

Flatter yourself in the uniqueness of spending a holiday in any one of many log cabins with hot tubs – the perfect hot tub holiday experience.

The demand for log cabins with hot tubs has increased as many hardworking British families seek for some quality time together away from home and work, without the hassle of packing cases and queuing at airports. The smell of timber and the warm atmosphere definitely defines log cabins holidays. A bath in a hot tub is just what you deserve after months of toil. Close your eyes, sit back, relax your nerves in the hot tub, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings all around. This is an experience like no other. Every person pines for peace and relaxation in these log cabins with hot tubs.

The famous sites for log cabin holidays:

One of the most popular destinations for a holiday in a log cabin is within the Lake District, located in the North West of England. It has as many as 16 lakes including Wast Water and Windermere, which are the deepest and the largest lakes of the country respectively. The Lakeland Fells is also situated here. The Lake District offers the perfect location for such holidays. Other great locations are of course in Scotland, including near to infamous sites, such as the very mysterious Loch Ness. The location is also famous for deer and salmon. Many families go fishing together and spend quality time bonding with each other. Holidays in Scotland attract holiday makers who want to explore its history and soak in the scenic rural beauty of the country.

Other facilities you can enjoy in log cabins:

Log cabin accommodation has the same facilities as other commercial sites, like Internet connectivity and Satellite TV. Although, there are some modern conveniences, log cabin holidays usually mean staying away from the materialistic world. However, the best way to celebrate holidays in log cabins with hot tubs is to spend them quietly while soaking in the hot tub with a glass of wine and embracing nature.

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Hotels with Hot Tubs

Hotels with Hot Tubs

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If you have been planning a holiday break with your family and have decided to go places with hot tubs, we suggest you take a look at the various hotels with hot tubs available throughout the UK. There are many places providing pleasant surprises that can make your holiday a dream one.

Some of the best holiday destinations where you will find hotels with hot tubs are Yorkshire, London, West Sussex, and Kent.

The Ashmount Country House and The Yorebridge House are exquisite hotels with hot tubs near villages in Yorkshire. Experience the heavenly joy of one of these hotels that provide you with all amenities, including a personal hot tub inside your bedroom. The rooms have a DVD player, Satellite channels, wide-screen TV, and double showers. You can enjoy your hot tub bath with double Jacuzzis. Consider your day by beginning it with a light breakfast and Yorkshire-style lunch with homemade bacon, fresh eggs, and black pudding. Later, have dinner at one of these hotel restaurants that will surely entice you to have more than a normal serving. Duck, pork belly, and seafood delicacies are some of the special dishes at these hotels with hot tubs.

The Bingham, in London, boasts massive whirlpool suites with a well-stocked music library and a Jacuzzi hot tub inside your room to provide you with ultimate pleasure. Beef with mushroom sauce, roasted quail, and barbequed fish are some of the mouth-watering savories available. Along with your stay at hot tub hotels, you are able to combine other outdoor activities, such as a cruise round the lakes or go biking along the countryside.

The Brandshatch Place Hotel and Spa, in the lush countryside in Kent, is a hotel with exquisitely furnished spacious bedrooms with a king-size bed and a personal hot tub. It has a health club, squash court, and an outdoor swimming pool. The spa and the beauty salon will work wonders on your body. The taste of original English food will remain with you for days. The Spread Eagle Hotel and Spa in West Sussex speaks of heritage and culture, where your spirit will definitely be lifted while enjoying the double Jacuzzi hot tub. The ambience of hotels with hot tubs brings you peace of mind and calm relaxation. The gym is fully-equipped and a steam room and the sauna will give your body a good workout. There are special offers during the Autumn and Christmas periods, with discount packages available.

You will find many more hotels with hot tubs in places like East Anglia and Cumbria, too. Look out for places in England, Scotland, and Wales where people, who have enjoyed their stay at these hotels, have posted reviews highly appreciating their amenities, food, outdoor activities, and the services offered at these hotels.

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Cottages with Hot Tubs

Cottages with Hot Tubs – The Perfect Relaxing Holiday

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If it is a holiday break and you are still planning your destination, we suggest you to have a completely new experience with hot tubs during your holidays. Hot tub holidays are becoming very popular in the UK with all kinds of establishments installing hot tubs. Surfing on the Internet, you will find hundreds of accommodation with hot tubs in the UK. If you are looking for something rather special, then consider exquisite cottages with hot tubs, which will cater to all your needs during your holiday break.

Somerset has been a popular destination for holiday makers and now you can find some of the most traditional cottages with hot tubs. The Paglinch Cottage and the Bakehouse are cottages in Somerset where you will find the rustic ambience carefully crafted with the luxury and comfort of a hot tub holiday. These cottages offer you cots, linens, towels, TV, washing machine, and a shower. To add an extra bit of heavenly pleasure, there is the Jacuzzi hot tub. Spend hours visiting historical places, such as the ancient Roman baths in Bath, or just stay indoors watching Satellite TV or listening to the stereo.

Just off the shores of Coldingham Bay, Berwickshire in the Scottish borders, lies the Whitfield Bothy Cottage. It extends a warm welcome to guests coming for a hot tub experience. The Jacuzzi hot tub can accommodate six people, and the amenities provided makes this cottage one of the best among cottages with hot tubs.

The Odle Farm Holiday Cottages in Devon provides you with an outdoor hot tub, and the facilities of a games room and Internet access. This cottage has a four-star status and the service is really commendable. The Rose Cottage in Derbyshire has indoor hot tubs and can accommodate two to three people. If you have an inclination to stay in a farm house, the Champernhayes in Dorset, England, offers you accommodation for up to 12 people. An outdoor swimming pool and indoor hot tub makes this cottage an exemplary one among cottages with hot tubs.

There are exotic cottages with four-star amenities and an outdoor Jacuzzi hot tub in Wales. The Ty Gwyn and the Gwynfryn farm cottages have outdoor hot tubs and a dairy farm. You can enjoy having a splash in the indoor pool heated to a temperature comfortable for you, your family, or your guests.

The Lazy Day cottages with hot baths and the Logie Country House boast having all the amenities and services that make the guests feel like being in paradise. If you want to have a totally new experience in self-catering, luxurious holidays with hot tubs, then go to Cork, in the Republic of Ireland. The Trag Retreat offers you the perfect hot tub holiday with a panoramic view of the coast. The hot tub is in the garden where there is a gas barbeque and sun loungers. The kitchen and the utility room are equipped with gadgets, which are ideally suitable for families willing to have a new experience in cottages with hot tubs.

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Lodges with Hot Tubs

Exquisite Lodges with Hot Tubs

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With hot tub holidays becoming popular in the UK, you can find lodges at beautiful holiday spots offering hot tub facilities. Lakes, forests, and countryside locations have always been favorite holiday spots for people. With the added pleasure of a hot tub swim in the most serene of places, it is no surprise that lodges with hot tubs are growing in numbers. You can choose from hundreds of lodges having hot tubs that are tailor-made for the type of stay you want.

When you are physically and mentally tired after a hectic week, you may be wondering where to go for a weekend break. For a perfect outing, lodges with hot tubs at cosseted places amidst forest surroundings, lakes, and woodlands will definitely rejuvenate your body and soul. The facilities of lodges with hot tubs do vary according to the price you are willing to pay and where you want to stay. If you have a small budget, there are lodges providing basic amenities that still provide you with a comfortable stay. You will find a cozy bed for two, and a kitchen to prepare your own food. You can also order food from their restaurants or enjoy a drink or two at the bar lounge. Spice up your body with vintage wine, and sink your body inside the hot tub to experience the pleasure of a lifetime. The scenic beauty of the lake waters or the encircling tall pine trees of forest lodges with hot tubs will mesmerize you.

Luxury lodges with hot tubs are available at many places in the UK. You can opt for a lodge offering you five-star amenities including an outdoor hot tub with a Jacuzzi and provisions for body massage. The hot tubs are perfectly maintained and equipped with modern fittings. Spacious bedrooms with a living room and a full kitchen provide you with the best possible space for your stay at these exclusive lodges with hot tubs. A romantic break holiday at one of these lodges in the idyllic ambience is perfect for couples, especially newly married ones. Some lodges with hot tubs provide you with Internet, Wi-Fi, and wide-screen TV for indoor entertainment. Outdoor hot tubs will give you the kind of comfort you will remember for long time. Restaurants at these lodges serve mouth-watering delicacies and premium-brand alcoholic beverages. Nestled in the laps of nature, the lodges provide you with total peace of mind, far away from the maddening crowd.

You will find various types of lodges with hot tubs at North and South Cornwall and Devon, at Surrey, Kent, Essex, and Norfolk. Places like Somerset and Wiltshire in the South, in Oxfordshire and Staffordshire in the heart of England, all have some beautiful lodges providing amenities and the hot tub experience. Places in South West and the North West coasts of Scotland will make your holiday break exciting with pleasurable moments at the holiday lodges with hot tubs. Such holiday lodges are also found along the Welsh Coast in between Cardiff and Snowdonia.

Pack your bags for a holiday with the hot tubs in UK and feel the difference.

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Romantic Breaks with Hot Tubs

Romantic Breaks with Hot Tubs

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If you and your partner are on the verge of breaking up, but you want to try again and want to get away from it all, then romantic breaks with hot tubs may be the ideal holiday to take you back to your early relationship and get back to what attracted you both to one another in the first place.

Log cabins are ideally suited for couples wanting a romantic break holiday. The added appeal of a hot tub makes such destinations somewhere to enjoy.  Establishments with hot tubs are located at various destinations in the UK. You can choose from a wide range of log cabins and lodges with hot tubs and amenities, which are perfectly suited for the occasion.

Hot tub destinations for a romantic break holiday have become very popular in UK with countryside resorts, woodland lodges and log cabins where you can just relax and enjoy the ambience of a perfect romantic holiday. Log cabins in north Devon countryside can be the perfect location for romantic breaks with hot tubs. The 245-Bulworthy Lodge in Bideford is an exclusive log cabin for staying for a couple of days. Oxfordshire provides you with the ideal romantic break you were craving for with exquisite log cabins and lodges to suit your purpose.

The Bluewood Park is situated in the heart of Cotswolds, or the Deerpark in the forests of Cornwall, are places where you can have a romantic break with hot tubs. The Griffon Forest Lodge is a perfect setting for a romantic break holiday in the Vale of York. The private hot tubs with a Jacuzzi create a romantic atmosphere where couples can revive their memories of their relationship.

Amidst the natural beauty of Staffordshire woodlands there are log cabins and cozy little cottages with hot tubs installed for couples to enjoy a romantic atmosphere. For couples with a larger budget, the Golden Oak at Deer Park Forest, South Cornwall, is a retreat to perfectly suit couples wanting a romantic break with a hot tub. This retreat has a Golden Oak and Silver Birch outdoor hot tub with a flat-screen TV and a DVD player, and boasts about being one of the best hot tub places for a romantic break.

If you want to have your romantic break in the heart of England, the Buxton or the Wiksworth are ideal hot tub destinations for a romantic break. Amenities here include Internet access, Wi-Fi, and a washing machine, fridge, and cooker are provided to have an experience of a romantic stay. The 9233 Duncrest is a cottage in the village of Longnor, which offers all amenities – perfect for romantic breaks with hot tubs.

There are hotels and cottages where you can go for your romantic break holiday throughout England, Wales, and Scotland. These hotels have personal, as well as communal, hot water tubs to cater to needs of couples. The Four Season’s Hotel in Scotland is a delightful place to be for romantic breaks with hot tubs.

With hot tub holidays becoming more and more popular in the UK, romantic break holidays have brought life into couples who otherwise were on the verge of separation. The hot tubs have provided much extra pleasure that can help rekindle the light of love. Take time to enjoy a romantic break holiday.

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